Oct 18, 2014


We’ve had some pretty cool feedback from the media

“Giovanni’s Island carefully avoids demonising the invading forces, without discounting the effects they had on the lives of people who had little or nothing to do with the war.” – Eastern Kicks

**** – The Times

Deftly mixing the innocence and imagination of childhood with the harsh realities of occupation, deportation and internment, this traditionally animated, endearingly “low-tech” film is bittersweet, often sad and occasionally very moving.” – The Radio Times / ***

It’s this ability to show the joy, pain, triumphs and hardships of the world through a child’s eyes that makes Giovanni’s Island a precious gem that all and sundry should see – it’s an experience that is as enlightening as it is fulfilling, and it won’t be one that you’ll forget in a hurry.” –

“[…] older kids and adult anime fans will find much to cherish here, especially in the storytelling and elegantly drawn backgrounds.” – The Guardian / ***

There are moments of real beauty” – Time Out / ***

Sentimental and moving, and recommended with reservations.” – Electric Shadows

Giovanni’s Island is, quite simply, a remarkable piece of cinema. It is at once something brilliantly beautiful and charming, while also being harrowing and painfully honest. While some may long for more shine in the animation, one would hope that most viewers would accept this film as it is by the end, a lesson on just what is beautiful and brilliant and brutal about being human, warts and all.” – Anime Reporter

Screenings are on-going and you can pre-order it online now via the links below:


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